D26040 - Petite Jingdezhen Vases

D26040 - Petite Jingdezhen Vases

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Our three white porcelain petite vases are hand-painted with a single dragonfly, butterfly and grasshopper each.  Named after Jingdezhen, China where the imperial kilns were once located, the soft and pure characteristics of each are an homage to the artistic proficiency of China's scholars.  Using nature as the medium, our vases capture the peaceful movements and colors of each insect.  Sold as a set of three and packaged in separate white fabric boxes.  A fabulous gift. Set of three.

Butterfly vase measures 6.25" high x 3" wide; Dragonfly vase measures 5" high x 2.5" wide; Grasshopper vase measures 5.25" high x 3.25" wide.

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