C10000 - Faience Rooster Bistro Collection

  • $ 75.00
  • Save $ 40.00

Our faïence Rooster Bistro Collection is made using traditional earthenware techniques.  Against a warm ivory background, our collection is decorated with a classic French rooster motif in tones of rouge, orange, jaune and vert.  The brilliant red combs and beards of the classic black rooster against the verdant ground with dashed black blades of grass highlight the bird vignette.  In the distance, the provençal sun rises; glowing gold blends into a warm orange, topped with a thin band of red.  Below the scene, a dashed black line offsets the contrasting black in the decal.  Aptly sized for breakfast and wonderfully finished to blend with your French Provençal decor.  Our collection include sets of 6.25" footed bowls, egg cups and 8 oz. coffee cups.  Sold in sets of 6. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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