B45010 - Walnut Bark Pitcher

B45010 - Walnut Bark Pitcher

  • $ 70.00
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A truly unique approach to stocking your bar, our hand-made Walnut Barware Collection unifies high style and natural beauty.  Valued immensely by the Romans because it provided plentiful fruit and strong wood for furniture, the walnut tree held distinction as a regal and god-worthy perennial.  Using ancestral tools and traditional techniques, artisans hand-cut and apply select bark from the Indian Walnut to the polished nickel containers, creating an eye-catching design.  The rich dark color and deeply furrowed texture is lightly polished, highlighting the natural characteristics of the bark.  The Pitcher is ovoid-shaped with a bead trim detail top & bottom and a twig-shaped bark handle.

Length: 10 IN  Width: 4.5 IN  Height: 8 IN

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