G72250 - Great Houses of New York 1880-1930

G72250 - Great Houses of New York 1880-1930

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"In 1869, when Edith Wharton's aunt Mary Mason Jones finished her French chateau at the corner of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue, she was considered an adventuress for building uptown. By 1882, just down the avenue at 52nd Street, William K. Vanderbilt finished his limestone mansion, ushering in the era of the New York Great House, modeled after the London houses of English aristocrats and their Parisian counterparts.

...leading architects of the turn of the century...were inundated with commissions to construct with speed lavish residences for the impatient rich. Through their efforts, New York was transformed into the cosmopolitan center it remains today.

GREAT HOUSES OF NEW YORK presents the stories of the grandest houses and the social lives of their residents. With over 300 archival photographs and floor plans, Michael Kathrens brings to life rarely seen interiors - a black and white columned foyer, a Renaissance-style reception room, a French boiserie salon - to evoke the elegant private life that remains a trademark of the wealthy New Yorker."

336 pages of fascinating New York history - a thoughtful gift for the New Yorkers, history buffs and architecture enthusiasts!

Copy and cover artwork, courtesy of Acanthus Press

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