B45035 - Walnut Bark Candlesticks

B45035 - Walnut Bark Candlesticks

  • $ 60.00
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Add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your home with our collection of polished nickel plate and Walnut bark candlesticks.  Craftsmen have long praised Walnut for its strength and beauty; here we have used the deeply textured bark as a fine design element.  Using ancestral tools and traditional techniques, artisans hand-cut and apply select bark from the Indian Walnut to the center shaft of the candlestick.  The bark is then lightly polished, highlighting its rich color and natural characteristics.  Both the top and base of our candlesticks are beautifully turned and flared, creating an overall symmetrical shape.

Available only in 14.5" Sold separately and individually.

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