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Jinyu Vases

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Our stunning glass overlay vases are a fabulous example of an ancient technique; one passed down through generations and from master glassmakers to apprentices.  This classic technique first gained mainstream popularity in Europe and then spread to America during the mid 19th century.  Our vases have a deep flame orange glass exterior fused over a wonderfully contrasting clear glass interior.  The exterior is then hand-cut to reveal a luminous ovoid shape facet, creating a pattern reminiscent of Golden Carp scales, a fish long revered in Chinese culture for luck and prosperity.  The incredibly unique textures of these pieces make them a magnificent objet d'art, a true testament to the artisan's skill and talent.  Used alone or as a pair, with or without your floral arrangement, these vases will surely add interest and conversation.

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Large - Width: 12 IN  Height: 16 IN

Small - Width: 8 IN  Height: 12 IN