A11550 - African Family Wildlife Crystal

  • $ 185.00

Source Collection Exclusive.

*Please note that our stemware shape has changed and may be different if you ordered prior to 2015

Amongst the savannah trees, shrubs and grasses, animals of southern Africa reign . Here, we celebrate these awesome animals in their natural habitat with their kin.  Incredibly detailed engraving accentuates the varied landscape and anatomical characteristics unique to each of our four wildlife vignettes.  An elephant cow leads her young calf while the male eagerly catches up; a mother zebra nuzzles her offspring while another explores the landscape; a young giraffe stands under his protective mother while another feeds in the distance; a lioness watches over her playful young cub while the impressive lion protects his pride in the distance.  Our set of four, imported lead crystal highballs are hand-made using the finest techniques by skilled craftsmen.  Imported from Europe.  Set of 4, 10 oz glasses.

Wine, 10 oz (set of 4) - Width: 3 IN   Height: 8 IN

Water, 14 oz (set of 4) - Width: 3.25 IN   Height: 8.5 IN

Highball, 10 oz (set of 4) - Width: 3.25 IN   Height: 3.5 IN

Whiskey Decanter, 20 oz - Length: 7 IN   Width: 3.5 IN   Height: 8.5 IN 

Tall Glasses, 14 oz (set of 4) - Width: 2.75 IN   Height: 5.5 IN

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