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Add a snuggly stuffed animal to your home for play or display!  Our life-like soft, cuddly bunch is intended for children, but we can't resist their charm and character. Our menagerie consists of a penguin in a nifty tuxedo, a kangaroo with her joey, a regal lion with a flowing mane, a tall giraffe with gentle eyes, a Cheetah with handsome markings, a bright-eyed Tiger, amusing Pug, a kind Husky and a beautiful horse with a white blaze on its forehead . Great for young and old, they are easily cleaned with a damp cloth when loved too much.

*The bear pictured is no longer available. * Kangaroo with her Joey is not in stock

Item #A42000

Tiger Height: 18"H x 46"L x 12"W  

Penguin Height: 24" x 12" x 12"

Cheetah Height: 33"H x 18"L  x 10"W

Husky Height: 25" x 31.5" x 11" 

Lion Height: 20"H x 52"L x 15"W 

Giraffe Height: 54"H x 29"L x 12.5"W

Pug Height: 17.5"H x 14" x 9.5"

Horse Height 29"H x 39"L x 12"W