A50297 - Song Bird Crystal Collection

  • $ 190.00

*Please note that our stemware shape has changed and may be different if you ordered prior to 2015

Atop a bending tree with graceful, curved branches and petite berries, our jubilant songbird gleefully chirps to one another and take flight.  Hand-engraved scenes on our bell-shaped crystal stemware bring the chinoiserie-influenced designs to life with meticulous attention to detail.  Against a grassy backdrop, our water glass presents a pair of birds, while our wine displays a pair calling to one another.  Our imported, heritage quality, mouth-blown lead crystal stemware adds brilliance to your table and your next celebration.  Imported from Europe.

Water, 14 oz (set of 4) - Width: 3.5 IN   Height: 8.75 IN

Wine, 10 oz (set of 4) - Width: 3 IN  Height: 8 IN

Tall Glasses, 14 oz (set of 4) - Width: 2.75 IN   Height: 5.5 IN

Wine Decanter, 32 oz - Width: 5 IN  Height: 13 IN

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