G80020 - Baronial Crystal Collection

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Our Design Director drew inspiration from the heraldry and crests of the elite families of the Gilded Age for our newest Baronial Collection.  For the 10 oz. highballs, he chose the lion for bravery & strength in battle; the goat for choosing politics over physicality; the fox for his unyielding wit & wisdom; and the stag for his peaceful, serene symbolism.  A sweeping, deeply etched stylized thistle frames the traditional animal busts and adds interesting dimension.  Set of 4.

The lion rampant is hand engraved on the front of our Italian crystal 20 oz whiskey decanter.  Known as a symbol of nobility, valor and strength, the lion is used in several coat of arms and family crests for centuries.  His forearm and hind leg is raised, ready to strike.  A hand-etched stylized band of thistle, the national emblem of Scotland and a symbol of nobility of character as well as of birth, opposes the lion and adds depth an dimension to the piece.  A solid crystal boule tops our decanter. 

Our set of four 14 oz. tall glasses features traditional animal busts and a sweeping, deeply etched stylized thistle surround.  Enjoy an icy, chilled drink from these gorgeous Italian crystal glasses, hand-etched exclusively for us in Hungary by a family of skilled artisans.  An exceptional gift.  Set of 4. 

Our lead crystal is hand-etched in Hungary by skilled artisans and imported exclusively for us.   Imported from Europe.  A sophisticated addition to your barware and a generous gift for everyone from executives to newlyweds.

Water, 14 oz - Width: 3.25 IN   Height: 8.5 IN

Wine, 10 oz - Width: 3 IN   Height: 8.5 IN

Tall - Width: 2.75 IN   Height: 5.5 IN

Highball, 10 oz (set of 4) - Width: 3.25 IN   Height: 3.5 IN

Whiskey Decanter, 20 oz - Length: 3.5 IN   Width: 3.5 IN   Height: 9 IN  (original)

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