I64000 - Dragon Crystal Collection

  • $ 185.00

*Please note that our stemware shape has changed and may be different if you ordered prior to 2015

The elegant oriental dragon is the center motif in this work of art. Our exclusive lead crystal is hand etched for us in Hungary by skilled glass cutters whose steady hand allows for deep and detailed work. The intricate pattern of our five clawed dragon chasing the pearl, winds himself around the glasses amid floating clouds.

The highball glasses feature the flaming pearl on the bottom of each glass.

Wine, 10 oz (set of 4) - Width: 3 IN   Height: 8 IN

Water, 14 oz (set of 4) - Width: 3.25 IN   Height: 8.5 IN

Tall Glasses, 14 oz (set of 4) - Width: 2.75 IN   Height: 6.25 IN

Highball Width: 10 oz. 3.5 IN   Height: 3.75 IN

Whiskey Decanter 20 oz - Length: 7 IN   Width: 3.5 IN   Height: 8.5 IN

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